Sunday, February 1, 2015

Necron Warrior Painting Done!

Completed unit of 20

The first step in painting Warriors was to decide how to paint each surface. I knew I wanted a dark core, blue plating, and burning reds as highlight.

This was my initial decision. Blue shoulder plates were straightforward to paint blue, but had I stopped there, the model would have been all gray looking from front. I didn't want this, the unit would have looked like a gray mass with no detail. So, I made arm and leg plates blue to compensate.

Eventually I also painted the spine (between the shoulder plates) blue as well.

As for the weapon, however, I wanted to do something special. Some lighting-y freehand of sorts. After looking online, I found a tutorial on how to accomplish this. Basically, you just draw some zig-zag lines over a gradient, brighter than the background but within the same palette, and make all intersections between these lines extra bright.

The result was more than satisfactory:

Afterwards (not visible in that picture) I would add some OSR to make the weapon shapes pop and that's all there is to it. It's surprisingly easy (with a good brush) and the result is very consistent.

So here are some pictures of the completed unit!


  1. Hey there,

    Just figured out about your blog! and wow! I just want to say these necrons are amazing! mostly the burning look you did with the weapons! its just amazing! surely going to keep my eye out on future posts :)

    If its not too much of a hassle, can you please tell me how you painted the burning look on those weapons? or even better, make a tutorial post ;) haha

    1. Hey!

      Thanks for the kind words. I am very happy with the theme I ended up with.

      A painting tutorial on how I painted the weapons is a very good idea, I might do that. In short, here's how I do it:
      1) Paint the rod white. I spray undercoat black, so this makes the following colors more vibrant.
      2) Paint a layer of Wild Rider Red, then a layer of Troll Slayer Orange
      3) Drybrush or layer a gradient to Yriel Yellow, with the middle being the most yellow
      4) Draw squiggly lines in Yriel Yellow. These should sometimes intersect, but not too much, and should form a somewhat irregular pattern
      5) Highlight the squiggly lines in Yriel Yellow. The trick is to make them the brightest and the thickest where lines intersect.
      6) OSL Troll Slayer Orange on surrounding surfaces. The orange should be strongest where the light is the strongest, but I did a very poor job at this. I'm trying to do better.

    2. Please! that would be awesome if you do! Thank you for the instructions, really appreciate it.