Thursday, April 29, 2021

Scourge Starter Fleet Done!

They're done! Phew. These space-squids took a while to paint.

This was my first usage of colorshift paints. I ordered a bunch and tried them, but ended up using just Turbo Dork 4D Glasses over glossy black primer.

I selectively shaded it with Black Templar contrast paint. It was thin enough to outline shapes on the surfaces as a wash might, but much stronger than Nuln Oil and the like, and the satin finish worked nicely.

The silver spines took easily 80% of the total paint time. I used Vallejo Metal Color White Aluminum: this is a very bright silver. To prevent it from flowing around the model, I used a dry paper towel as my pallete: one drop of paint onto the paper towel would wick most of the medium out of the paint, leaving a film of very strong pigment on top that achieved very strong coverage even with the tiniest brush, and was easy to control.

Then I had to be patient and paint the top surface of each spine segment, staying within the lines. The dry paint I used definitely helped but it took forever.

Then, the reds and yellows are just Citadel paints, going from Evil Sunz Scarelet, over Troll Slayer Orange, to Yriel Yellow.

Nuff said I think. These look great in person. It was difficult to capture them with my phone's camera, so I edited the colors afterwards. I think I got the colors close to what I see in person, although it's not perfect.

With this, I'm ready to give the starter set a try as soon as I get my vaccines and get a friend over.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

UCM Starter Fleet Done!

I've played through the Homeworld games again a few months back. It turns out that there's a rerelease of Homeworld: Cataclysm, that I didn't know about, and Deserts of Kharak was on my backlog for years. They're good games still! And they really got me into spaceships and "look how big this one is compared to this other one" in scifi. So I got the Dropfleet Commander starter set and it scratched that itch really well.

Here's my UCM fleet, in Hiigaran colors. I'm working on the Scourge part right now.

I wanted to keep it quick and simple, so I used washes and wet blending to great effect. Yeah there was a lot of panel highlighting but it's nothing to blending and highlighting trim on Adeptus Titanicus models. I'm used to this kind of torture I guess.

For blue, I used Scale75 Azul de Bering, with some white mixed in for the highlight and Drakenhof Nightshade for the darker shade. It's all wet blended very roughly, but the panels are small enough that it doesn't show, especially once you panelline and bring it together.

For orange, I used Scale75 Mars Orange, brightened with white and darkened with Fuegan Orange. For the white panels, I used a 50/50 mix of white and Ushabti Bone, darkened and lighened changing the ratio between those two colors. All the little dots and lines that serve as surface detail are just white. I used Nuln Oil to panelline everything and shade metals, which are Vallejo Metal Color Silver with White Aluminum as spot highlight.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

House Terryn Imperial Knight Done!

This gal was my passion project for a while now. Her name is Silvana, a noble Knight of House Terryn, accompanied by her personal guard/serfs with guns forced on them.

With this model I wanted to create a feel of a true medieval knight, in a lush forest or field, going on a quest. Except, you know, giant killer robot.

The base is my first attempt at basing nature, and to be honest, it's not that difficult if you get the right stuff. And between Green Stuff World, Secret Weapon Miniatures etc, it's not difficult to get the right stuff. Flock, leaves, bark, tufts, cork. Then you just put them on the base, approximately in the right order, and nature happens.

This was also an excursion into freehand, the crest on the shield and the axe.

The crest was scary, as all freehand is at first. You worry that you'll mess something up... But you do, and you fix it. As you go along, it gets better and better, and before you know it, you go from "I'm ruining the model" to "I am actually pretty happy with this". The crest itself is just the Terryn crest, upscaled, and I added some shadows to the horse and 80s non-metallic metal to the eagle as it looked unfinished in pure white on blue and red.

The axe was a lot of fun from the start, but much more time consuming. My approach to painting ice was to convey depth and volume by painting two patterns on top of each other: one was a gentle pattern with squiggly lines and gradients that convey cracks and maybe some energy, and on top of that, I added very thin horizontal lines to represent scratches on the surface. It doesn't look translucent at the end, of course, but it definitely looks deep, not just like stuff painted on a surface.

The colors used on the axe are just inks, Daler & Rowney FW White, Marine Blue and Indigo. The blues are pretty dark, but applied thinly over white, they're very icy. I used an airbrush for the soft underlayers, with brush for the cracks and lines on top.

Anyway, here are all the pics, as well as some WIP pics thrown in for fun. Thanks for looking!