Monday, June 19, 2023

Armigers Done!

So I painted up some Armigers. One Moirax, two Warglaives. I've been planning to join a local slowgrow campaign, and I need those little dudes to play.

And yeah, I'll play with the big guy. He was meant to be played with; he matches my first knight for that reason! I didn't expect to win. But it's also fine, I'll only bring it out in close company. It'll be ok.

There are many custom parts on these armigers, more than meets the eye. I got a 3d printer this year, and so I've been able to design and quickly make my own parts. Here's the list of parts:

  • The melee weapons, heads and tilting shields are from Taro.
  • I designed shields to mount on the thermal spears. This conversion inspired me, except I designed a tall shield that resembles the Questoris weapon guard rather than graft two of them.
  • I designed shin plates. Armigers legs just don't look very graceful, with those super-thin shins and weird vertical toe guards. Their feet look like those 17th century French big buckle shoes. Yuck. The plate I designed is loosely inspired on the Cerastus shin.
  • I designed upper arm/elbow assemblies that match Taro's design that I used on the thermal spears. The weapons were hanging too high when attached to the shoulder directly, esp with the shields.
  • I designed and printed alternative elbows for the Moirax. The original resin bits were too fiddly to magnetize.
I modelled everything in FreeCad, with a bit of Blender to give the shield a subtle bend. I printed it all on a Phrozen Mini 8k (non-S, but I hear S is better).

Next up, let's see if I'll get more Questoris or Cerastus knights. And two more Armigers are probably in order, but not for many months.

Here's a bunch of pics, including WIP. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

I got me a demon! Here are some WIP pics

I got me a Demon at Adepticon, gold in the Vehicle category!

This one took 6 months, napkin math puts it under 400 hours. But it turned out to be worth it!

There's too much for me to break down all at once. Instead of writing up a novella on what I wanted to do, what I tried, what worked and what didn't, hit me up at and ask. I can do a write-up on things people ask repeatedly, or if there's a lot to talk about.

Until then, here's a bunch of WIP pics. Enjoy and thanks for looking!

These pics after that are also WIP. A couple of weeks before the competition I did a photo session, with my DSLR, from all angles, so that I can comfortably browse them on the screen, zoom in, find flaws and nitpick. There's ~40 of them on these pics here that I fixed before the competition. See if you can spot them!