Friday, August 21, 2020

Vulpa Daemonica Warlord Titan

 Here's a conversion I've been working on, on and off, for months now... Getting bits, trying things out, changing my mind etc.

This is not final still - I want to try different carapace options before I commit to this one. I like what this does for the silhouette of the model - the carapace weapons aren't jutting out and drawing attention away from the melee and the agressiveness. But the weapons themselves - long range missiles - don't work thematically. Just aesthetically. I'll try vulcan megabolters and the gatling blasters too; those are more thematically appropriate, I just wonder about the aesthetic of it. We'll see.

Additional horns and muscles etc seem appropriate too thematically, but whenever I tried, it didn't work very well. It looked too damaged; this is a proud machine we have here. Bloodthirsters don't need battle damage or extra mutations to look daemonic, that sort of thing. I think it'll work.

So what we have here is:

  • A normal Warlord titan with an additional power claw sprue.
  • The head is made by taking that long helmet design that comes on the power claw sprue - not the Spartan looking one, but the other one - and simply not putting the front side of it on. Instead, I used a Bloodthirster's face, added some Bloodthirster horns (just behind the jaw looked right to me). The butcher's nails are just bass guitar wire.
  • The wrecking ball comes from a Skaven kit - the doom bell one. Don't throw away any of the chain bits from that kit - I cut them apart and rebuilt them so that the chain is wrapped around the warlord's fist.
  • The chainfist is two 3D printed Eviscerator blades, surrounded by a bunch of bits and gobbins to create the engine.
  •  The chains hanging around are model's right shoulder armor are just off the shelf miniature chains that I glued together in that pose with superglue - one chainlink at the time. It took forever and is still very fragile. Would not recommend.
  • The groin plate contains Bloodthirster bits.
  • There are additional bits around the model that are from various AoS Bloodbound kits. I don't know which ones since I got these by browsing ebay, it's really a treasure cove.
  • I used Reaver carapace weapons for the missile racks. The normal Warlord missile racks stick out vertically too much, they'd ruin the contour of the model. I don't want the only mandatory ranged weapon to be very noticeable.
  • The base is by Unreal Wargaming, with the Rhino and Land Raider by ZStu designs.

On to the pics and thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Helbrecht Conversion Done!

Helbrecht is done!

This has been a lot of fun to paint. I went for display-level painting here and kinda gave up eventually. It's also been a foray into painting skin to a level I've never reached before, and texturing cloth and painting the pattern on the edge was fun too. The metallics were... painful. The model was very roughly converted, so I had to cover up sanding marks with weathering and whatnot. The OSL started out ok, but the more I pushed it, the worse the model looked, so I ended up toning it way down.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Pre-Indomitus Necron Family Album

Here's my entire Necron collection! Reinforcements coming soon.

There's a post for pretty much every unit in here, so feel free to browse by tag in the sidebar if you wish to see or know more about a particular unit. The base recipe and the general paint scheme are here too.

Thanks for looking!