Sunday, November 18, 2018

Stuff I'm working on

I wanted to shoot my finished Fellblade this weekend, but it doesn't fit on my background. Oops!

I ordered a bigger one. But that leaves me without an update...

So here are pics of the next batch of pieces I'll be painting. Getting ready to prime these and get started!

Leg-swapped Grimaldus and Friends:

FW Chaplain Dreadnought with Contemptor limbs:

Primaris Ancient:

 Kitbashed Techmarine with all the moldslips:

Scout bikers:

With these I'm getting really close to wrapping up the project. I have some Devastator bits ready and waiting, and I'd like to build some Vanguard Veterans. Maybe I'll kitbash a set of Sword Bretheren too, I don't know.

Anyway, so much for now. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Plague Doctor Knight Conversion

Here's something I've been working on. It took a lot of work to get there; repositioning legs, inverting a left hand into right, 3D modeling fingers and hand accessories, and sculpting a faceplate.

I'm intending to build a little diorama. The current idea is that he'd be walking in a medieval town at night with a lantern. Not imposing, not dangerous, but slightly unnerving and spooky if anything. I removed all weapons and I like that look for what I'm going for.

He's still held together with bluetac, but I'm thinking about posing him kinda like in these pictures. Slowly walking, leaning on his cane to look old and fragile, lifting his lantern in anticipation of who knows what. There might be rats on the streets or something, I don't know. We'll see when we get there.

On a sidenote, I haven't been posting a lot recently, but I've been painting a lot. My Space Marine collection is crazy big now; 60+ crusaders, ~40 elites, 8 tanks, 4 dreadnoughts etc. I am working on the Fellblade now, and I feel like wrapping up that army. It'll probably be done with it within a few months, and I'm planning to take a family pic once it's done.

Here are some more pics. If you'd like to know more about something specific that I did here, please ask below. Hope you find this interesting, and thank you for looking.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Weathering a Train Thingy

So I wanted to give weathering a shot. I've done very little of it, and the results were pretty bad overall. The thing is, while I kinda had an idea of what I'm supposed to do, I never wanted to learn on a painted model. So I bought a terrain set to play around with!

For this model I wanted to try painting a model all rusty (trying out rust powders, enamels, and normal paints).

Then I'd use AK Washable Agent to create paint that can wear off easily, paint the model yellow:

Then load up water into rough brushes, sponges etc, and rub this weakened paint off!

Finally, more pigments, enamel streaking agents to make the model looks like it was sitting in the rain for the while.

None of these steps worked out completely. The washable agent is very thick, so it had to be watered down a lot to make color blending possible. However, all that water made previous layers of paint loosen. In the end I applied a very, very thick layer of yellow/brown, and used a very soft brush to drybrush lighter yellow and dab darker brown without stripping previous layers. It didn't really work out too well. Lesson learned: use an airbrush to apply paints with the washable agent.

The rust, while looking great initially, came off when I started removing the yellow paint, so there's that. The arm is still rusty, but whenever I stripped the yellow stuff, I also stripped the rust under it, leaving a pristine metal. Lesson learned: varnish before applying paints with the washable agent.

After that, I was imagining a chipped paint look, not severely scratched, but that's fine. Not all scratches make sense.

Finally, I was trying to use the AK enamel streaking paint with white spirit to emulate rain streaks and it didn't really work: The streaking paint can leave a nice brown streaks, but they're too dominant. White spirit is then used to dissolve the streaks and soften them. However, what was happening more often than not is that I'd just remove the streaks instead of softening them. Next time around I'll have to try a different method. I think people use inks for this?

Oh, and I applied a transfer for the first time. There's a small "XII" on the rear right. That was very easy!

Anyway, yeah. Painting with non-acrylic paints and powders is definitely different. Even though no step achieved what I was imagining it would, the model looks amazing at the end, and I'm very happy with it! And, with a hair dryer to accelerate paint drying, it took ~6 hours to paint start to finish!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Ironclad Converted!

It's been a while since I posted anything again! I'm not that good at taking pics as I work. I'll probably need to take a family photo soon to atone.

But here's this guy!

I always wanted to improve on the "classic" Dreadnought pattern. I guess giving one actual limbs was a good start! And creating an actual Seismic Hammer was just perfect.

This is a mix of the (no longer available) Forgeworld Mk IV Ironclad and a Relic Contemptor. The hammer's staff is 3D printed, and the head piece is made from a few Flamestorm Cannon bodies and a Storm Raven landing sled.

The pose is somewhat fragile for such a heavy resin model, so I pinned him all the way through. Arms, legs, and joints all have brass rods holding them together. Only fingers are superglued without brass support; but I'm ok living with that.

The missiles and flamers are all magnetized. I don't have storm bolters that would fit in place of the flamers, and I'd like to convert some at some point.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Kitbashed Jetpack Marshall

A few pics of the kitbashed/truescaled Jump Pack Marshall I just finished. I'm pretty happy with it so far!

You can see:
  • Space Marine Commander legs, tabard, cloak and left arm. The legs were shopped in pieces, repositioned and extended by about 2-3mm. I also chopped his left foot in half so I can bend his toes forward. The left arm is the sword arm with the sword taken off.
  • A Terminator thunderhammer shaft was used for his thunderhammer. I used the bottom of the TH handle first, followed by the top portion. A brass rod is holding the thunderhammer together.
  • A custom, 3D printed hammer head.
  • Vanguard Veteran left shoulder pad, head and jump pack.
  • The right hand is from the Black Templars chapter upgrade, and the shoulder pad is from a tactical squad I previously basecoated and then realized I didn't need.
  • The chest piece is from the Black Templars chapter upgrade. He has about 3 mm of wrist sculpted out of Milliput and then had bits thrown around.
  • On top of the jump pack is a thingy I found in my bits box.
Hope you like it!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Converted Redemptor Dreadnought Done!

Finally! Lots of detail to paint on this guy.

I experimented a lot with airbrushing this time. All the reds and grey metallics are airbrushed. I didn't get it done all in one session even though I tried. The next day and with a fresh look, I noticed that some gradients weren't where I wanted them to be. I also painted the wrists/weapon bits red as an afterthought. It looks good, but it's a bit too close to having red as the dominant color. I can't think of a better color pattern though; it looked too plain otherwise, and there's only so much I can do with silver and bronze.

I'm proud with the front of the model. The fine print turned out OK, although I can't really read what I wrote on those scrolls. They're both random 6 letter Latin words I googled, but I forgot what were they. The cabling around his head turned out great, all the lights are the best I've painted, and I'm especially happy with the tiny Fleur de Lis on his left chassis plate. The crotch plate is blended gray to white to look like it's in shadow. One of the smoothest transitions I blended to date, and it's transitioning exactly where and as fast as I wanted it to.

After taking the pics I noticed that the model was a bit dusty, and I saw a few places that need to be touched up... As usual. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway! More pics.

Of course it's all magnetized and alternate weapon options are painted up:

Sad to see that my Leviathan is looking tame compared to the new Dread.

Oh and here's one behind the scenes. A pink metal ruler duck taped to the SM codex, holding the background print using magnets on the back.

Thanks for looking!