Sunday, November 29, 2015

More Necron Warriors

I assembled another batch of 20 Warriors. All but two have their legs repositioned, and I added green stuff necks to all of them. This let me assemble them in a more upright position.

I'm particularly proud of the running one. The brass rod replaces one of his shin rods and goes all the way through his thigh. The image is not taken from a good angle, but all the other pics I made were really blurry and unusable. Oh well.

On to the pics, and thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

One More Annihilation Barge Done!

So I just finished another Annihilation Barge. You get stuff done so quickly when you're not painting scythes!

This is a permanent Annihilation Barge, it is not magnetized to double as a Command Barge. I already have one CB, and wanted to keep Overlord bits to use for a Destroyer Lord conversion somewhere down the line.

I also touched up on the old Barge, painting the inlays black on the wings and the central blue column.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Display Cabinet

Here is the Ikea display cabinet that I assembled! Yeah, it's not much of an achievement, but it's great for what it does, and at a nice price too. It's a Besta system, with glass doors and lights on the ceiling. Even though the doors have wooden rims, they take up far less visible space than what I had anticipated. Half of the rim lays outside the visible section. You can put infantry all the way up front and still clearly see the models.

Height-wise there is plenty of room for 2 glass shelves if you only put infantry there, however as you can see, it's already half empty. No need to do that yet.

I chose the warm wooden texture because it resembles the tint of sand the most. These shelves also come in glossy white and satin black, but you could always put terrain on the floor or wallpaper the sides to whatever you want. Just keep in mind that light, neutral-tinted sides will reflect light, ensuring a more diffuse light source that will reduce the contrasts and bring up more detail.

I have about as many models still on sprues, ready to be assembled. Can't wait to fill it up with models.

Oh, and the cabinet is composed of these three stacked (links below). I got additional shelves for the bottom unit, and that's where I put my extra sprues, materials etc. You can mix and match however you like, but the resulting height is just about perfect this way. The first image shows how high it is at eye level, and I'm about 188cm tall. Any higher and I wouldn't be looking at the top shelf from above.
As for lights:
And I'm pretty sure you can get cheaper lights on Amazon or wherever. I just grabbed these at Ikea as an afterthought when I came for the cabinets.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Scythe Repaint Done!

Finally done! Work has been keeping me very busy, so I only get to paint for a few hours a week on average. Slowly but surely, I converted two new Scythes, stripped the paint and converted the old one, then I had to spend a few weeks fixing the mess I made. Then I painted all three.

I learned a lot during the process - mostly that I don't want to do sculpting without proper materials and tools ever again. I will be doing sculpting more in the future, or so is the plan. Right now I'm very hesitant to see, touch or think about putty.

These are not painted to my usual standard - honestly I was losing patience. These have been on my workbench for months. I already started painting something else and it feels great. Maybe I'll come back to them in the future and fix them up, though knowing myself, I probably won't. We'll see!

Thanks for looking!