Saturday, February 27, 2016

Heavy Gauss Cannon

Here's a few pics of my recent work. Inspired by this and this, I used 4 Immortal Gauss Blasters to create one Heavy Gauss Cannon lookalike. It's longer and bulkier than the normal Heavy Gauss Cannon, and doesn't cost $10 a pop, so that's good.

This is very much VIP, many edges are pretty rough and it hasn't seen any green stuff. I'll definitely touch it up heavily before painting.

I am not sure if I should magnetize them (to make Destroyers convertible to Heavy Destroyers) or just assemble a few Heavies and leave the rest regular. The arm holding this weapon is very thin, not leaving enough room for a strong magnet to hold a weapon as heavy as this. I am leaning towards just gluing it on.

Oh, and I've finished a bunch of Warriors and Scarabs the other day but I'm yet to go through the pics and create an album. Expect that in a few days.

Here are the pics and thanks for looking!