Monday, December 26, 2016

Destroyers Done!

These guys are done! Not much to say here, but i really like Destroyers. This was a lot of fun.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Destroyer Lord Conversion

So I got around to converting my Destroyer Lord. It was.. harder than anticipated.

Originally I wanted to put an Overlord torso on a Destroyer and call it done. Specifically, the torso of the Overlord that comes in the Barge kit, the one with a nice cape. However, this was not working out for two reasons: first, the cape just didn't fit the Destroyer well. It was too long, I couldn't bend it backwards without ruining it. Second, and I didn't see this coming, the torso was tiny compared to normal Destroyer torsos! Those things are huge.

I definitely wanted to do something special with the Destroyer Lord, a normal torso with a different head and weapon just wouldn't look... royal enough. So I experimented with using a Lychguard back on a Destroyer front chest piece:

As you can see, the size difference is obvious. I used Milliput (a white putty) to fill up the stark difference size in the bottom parts of their torsos. I prefer Milliput to Green stuff when doing stuff like this because it's much more.. powdery, less rubbery. Once dry, it's almost ceramic hard, but it sands and cuts smooth. Great for stuff like this, although I wouldn't recommend it for freehand sculpting.

I definitely liked the tall collar and the spine thing. I obviously didn't like the split shoulder pads, and the collar really needed to be extended to go all around his head cavity.

Again, Milliput to the rescue. I used Milliput to roughly fill up the empty spaces, let it completely cure, then applied one more layer using the previous layer for support. Once that was done, I sanded everything smooth, cut the lines using a hobby knife. I also rounded the outer edge of the shoulder pads a bit, because they're very rectangular on a Destroyer and I felt like this would look more royal.
Finally, I used some liquid green stuff to fix minor imperfections in the surface left over.

I'm sorry, I wasn't taking many pictures along the way, and those that I did turned out to be out of focus. Here's one work-in-progress pic:

And here's the final result! I build the weapon from a Lychguard sprue, using a normal Lychguard can-opener and another can-opener blade for symmetry: