Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Scythe Repaint Done!

Finally done! Work has been keeping me very busy, so I only get to paint for a few hours a week on average. Slowly but surely, I converted two new Scythes, stripped the paint and converted the old one, then I had to spend a few weeks fixing the mess I made. Then I painted all three.

I learned a lot during the process - mostly that I don't want to do sculpting without proper materials and tools ever again. I will be doing sculpting more in the future, or so is the plan. Right now I'm very hesitant to see, touch or think about putty.

These are not painted to my usual standard - honestly I was losing patience. These have been on my workbench for months. I already started painting something else and it feels great. Maybe I'll come back to them in the future and fix them up, though knowing myself, I probably won't. We'll see!

Thanks for looking!

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