Saturday, January 31, 2015

Warrior Assembly and Conversion

What better way to get started and test the overall theme of the army? There's nothing better than a horde of minions to make an army look substantial. I bought 20 as part of a larger kit.

Assembly was originally straightforward:

Legs come as a single piece, all with a very similar pose, which I did not like one bit. Their legs are spread apart, and neck and lower spine naturally pose them in a hunched position, making them pose like mischievous goblins instead of murdering machines.

Unfortunately, I realized this a bit too late, after assembling more than half of them. I just didn't think it through beforehand and went online to see if people shared my opinion.. Then I discovered these, and I felt bad and jealous and bad and jealous. It was a bit too late to go back; I used plastic cement to glue components together and there were fused into, effectively, one piece of plastic.

At this point, I had 8 Warriors left unassembled. I cut their legs apart and converted them into various poses with a more upright postures. I also cut apart one Warrior that I assembled before and altered the posture, but it was too troublesome and I stopped there. After all, I will wind up getting more Warriors sooner or later, as part of some kit of something. I will make newcomers interesting and simply not use goblins-posture models from that point on. Or include them but put them in the back of units.

I glued green plastic rods onto the models before painting because I was going to paint them anyway. Normally you're supposed to glue them on last and keep them translucent and green. With that, they were ready for painting.


  1. Hi!!
    These are great, i saw the walking necrons by lord borak but its a lot of work, did you use the same technique or do you have an easier way of repositioning the legs? Also, pins or just glue? Thanks a lot, and love the look of your crons.

  2. Thanks for the kind words!

    I did the same thing Lord Borak did, and it is a pain, but what can you do. I used glue only on all models except for one model in the second batch of Warriors I did.

    1. Thanks :) i was hoping i wouldnt have to pin it all. Do you not find them flimsy and breakable with glue only?
      Also, the magnetizing tutorials you posted, are ace!! Ive been looking on magnetizing wraiths and tomb blades for weeks until your posts, so thanks for that too :)