Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wraith Magnetization

Wraiths come in three variants: plain, with either of two guns mounted on it's belly (left and center models) or with Whip Coils (right model). Of those, the guns are fairly useless. They're expensive, they do not synergize well with the melee assault role Wraiths are great at, and they get in the way of using Whip Coils that are excellent.

As such I decided to not even mount the guns on my models. Magnetizing them would take significant effort and would alter the detail on their bellies. Also, switching between the two gun types would require magnetizing the weapons themselves in addition to their mount to the wraith. I can deal with this many components to be magnetized, but I really don't want to change the detail on their bellies.

I could have put a large magnet on the inside of the belly to keep the detail pristine, but this still leaves the problem of putting magnets on the gun mount side. The arms of the gun mount are very thin, too thin for even the smallest magnets I have. There must be a way to accomplish this if I were to try harder, but I just don't think it's worth it. Besides, the arms of the gun mount hold their own weight without magnets on the one Wraith I assembled so far. Maybe that would be enough if I someday decide to try using those guns.

So that only leaves magnetizing Whip Coils. They cost extra points, can be purchased per model, and are only useful in melee contact. This means that people rarely get Whip Coils for all models. A few Wraiths might die from being shot at before they reach melee contact, so having a few unupgraded Wraiths that will die from shooting makes sense.

Anyway, to magnetize the Whip Coils and the short blades you can put in Wraiths front arms instead, I was inspired by youtuber zakcharnage:

And here are some pics:

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