Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Annihilation/CC Barge Conversion

I always found it funny and distracting that Necron vehicles are piloted by troops that have fully functional bodies. Not only do their limbs hang around arbitrarily, but we know that Necron can work without limbs (as Destroyers demonstrate) and can be closely integrated into vehicles (Tomb Blades being an obvious example, plus all those pipes that connect the rider's spines to the vehicle). These pilots also have little to no free will, as all low-tier Necrons do. Finally, it's simply funny that a Necron, a member of the most technologically advanced race that has ever existed and that is a full blown cyborg, would command a vehicle by sitting in a comfy chair and typing on a keyboard of sorts.

So wouldn't it be obvious that there pilots would be integrated with the vehicles? Permanently tied to them. This sinister perspective, besides being more believable in my opinion, works great with the overall theme of my army.

The Barge has two pilots:

They, as described before, are sitting in chairs with comfy foot stands even though their chest is held in place by the vehicle and fused with their spine. Those foot stands, and their legs, had to go.

As for their hands and keyboards, that wasn't as easy of a choice for me. By removing them, a whole section would be removed from the vehicle when looking from above. The front would seem emptier and lighter. This wouldn't be a bad thing necessarily, just different. I went online to see if anyone has done something similar.

And, of course:

The barge looked great even without the riders altogether. The keyboards wouldn't be missed.

First I chopped off the chairs bottom parts used an old bass guitar string to create spines that lead from the pilots to the vehicle. The models were almost designed for this. I used a 3mm drill both in the chestpieces and in the platform thing to ensure that the string would stay firm; then I covered gaps with green stuff.

As for the arms, I was inspired by this model by From The Warp:

I used thinner bass strings, only one per arm socket was enough:

Eventually, after painting, the conversion turned out amazing:

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