Thursday, February 5, 2015

Night/Doom Scythe Magnetization

Necron Night/Doom Scythes are their primary flyers. Night Scythes serve as extremely fast transports, and Doom Scythes almost serve a heavy bomber role in the 7th edition.

Magnetizing between these two forms of these two Scythes is as straightforward as it gets. The portal that designates the Night Scythe and the weapon that designates the Doom Scythe can both be fully assembled with the base kit and join the attach to the ship at three common points.

In addition to being able to switch between these two flyers, I wanted to magnetize the stand itself. Scythes normally stand on a very firm, very long stand, which is to be on a very large base that helps keep the model in balance. Sadly, this makes the model impossible to transport. I wanted to make the stand removable both from the base and the flyer, but to be hold strongly enough that you can lift the base by holding the ship and keep it from shaking and feeling flimsy.

On the upper side of the stand, I drilled three holes for 3x1.5mm magnets. There are two magnets stacked in the middle:

Inside the ship, I partially removed the plastic where the stand was supposed to be glued to the ship, made a mass of green stuff, and put four 5x2mm magnets there, again two in the middle. Note that the polarity of adjacent magnets is inverse. This kept them together:

On the bottom, it was far more complex. I drilled 5 holes in the stand, with stacking two 3x1.5mm magnets in the middle. However, I also drilled 2mm holes into which I put small pipes that serve as pegs and keep the base from moving when attached:

On the bottom of the base are five 5x2mm magnets:

I like how it turned out, for the most part. The stand is not as stable on the base when nudged sideways, but it is very firm front and back. I don't know how to make it better, apart from removing the pegs I inserted and making them hooks of some sort. Still thinking about it.

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