Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Warmaster Titan Done!

He's done!

Tabletop+ quality, and I have some banners yet unpainted, but done. I still see blacklines not blacklined, metals that spilled onto what's not supposed to be metallic, but done. I set a deadline for today to finish him and that's it, it's past midnight, and so he's done.

He looks great from afar, but man, I have mixed feelings over it. I need to do some soul searching and discover a way to be ok with leaving mistakes around and unfinished, even when realistically, only I know where they are, and those of you who spend more than a few seconds looking at closeups.

Anyway here are the pics. Thanks for looking!


  1. I hear you, but that's great work and something to be proud of. Every work of art in every medium has some imperfection that only the artist lives with.

  2. Great sense of motion on what can be a very static model. Love the trailing banners in particular!