Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Praetorian Update

It's been a while since I posted an update. I'm still painting them, although I don't have nearly as much time to paint as I used to. Bah, excuses!

I pretty much finished 4, with 3 more over halfway done. Considering the amount of detail, I paint them in batches of 3.

Anyway, here's a pic of one of them. Depending how much time I get, they should be done in a week or two.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm planning to do a step by step recipe when I get to painting Destroyers. They are good for demonstrating all the different ways in which I paint the glow.

      But in short:
      - Black primer
      - A few layers of Ceramite White as a base for glowy bits, until it's mostly solid white.
      - Wild rider red over the white until it's solid red.
      - Thin layer of Troll Slayer Orange
      - Gradients of Troll Slayer Orange to Yriel Yellow
      - The brightest bits get some Dorn Yellow.

    2. Oh, as for these weapons specifically:

      Apply Fuegan Orange in all engraved lines
      Edge highlight each surface of the weapon in Yriel Yellow.

  2. They look so awesome! I love how they all came together!

  3. How smooth are the tails? I'm considering buying some for a marine project I am working on - though the look of your crons may sway me! The tail in the pic doesn't look too bad. But I've heard some horror stories about Shapeways's frosted ultra detail...

    1. They're not perfectly smooth, but are easy to sand. I didn't sand my tails too much because they were going to be painted dark anyway, and I didn't want to remove any detail. I should have sanded the blades, but oh well.

      If you're going to paint bright in colors or metallics, definitely plan on having to sand each sufrace smooth. Or print in frosted extreme detail, or whatever it's called.

      In my very limited experience, this came nowhere near a horror story.I printed other bits since and will continue to do so. But I do ensure all wall thicknesses are on par etc

    2. Yeah I checked the shapeways site they don't allow your tails to be done in extreme - I'm guessing something to do with the bounding box perhaps?

    3. No. I can only put them up for sale in materials that I've had printed already. That's a Shapeways storefront thing. I will send them an email and ask if they can enable the Extreme version, considering the normal version was a success.

    4. I'm sorry, you're right, it is the bounding box. Extreme detail has a much smaller bounding box.

      I think I might fit all 10 within the bounding box if I squeeze them up a bit, rotate a few. But I cannot promise to do that today.

      I believe that, if the models fit within the bounding box, you'd still be able to order them printed in the extreme material under the 'First to Try' program.

  4. When ever you get around to it bud. thanks heaps!

    1. Hey,

      Sorry this took so long. I had a big deadline at work last night, so I was working extremely long hours all week.

      I updated the model! It's printable in the extreme definition material now. And it's not as expensive as I had expected it to be. I would have printed it in the extreme detail myself had I known.

      If you decide to have these printed, please share some pics. I'd love to compare.

    2. Im gonna do an order next pay run, so I will definitely post some up when I get them. Cheers heaps!