Thursday, April 29, 2021

Scourge Starter Fleet Done!

They're done! Phew. These space-squids took a while to paint.

This was my first usage of colorshift paints. I ordered a bunch and tried them, but ended up using just Turbo Dork 4D Glasses over glossy black primer.

I selectively shaded it with Black Templar contrast paint. It was thin enough to outline shapes on the surfaces as a wash might, but much stronger than Nuln Oil and the like, and the satin finish worked nicely.

The silver spines took easily 80% of the total paint time. I used Vallejo Metal Color White Aluminum: this is a very bright silver. To prevent it from flowing around the model, I used a dry paper towel as my pallete: one drop of paint onto the paper towel would wick most of the medium out of the paint, leaving a film of very strong pigment on top that achieved very strong coverage even with the tiniest brush, and was easy to control.

Then I had to be patient and paint the top surface of each spine segment, staying within the lines. The dry paint I used definitely helped but it took forever.

Then, the reds and yellows are just Citadel paints, going from Evil Sunz Scarelet, over Troll Slayer Orange, to Yriel Yellow.

Nuff said I think. These look great in person. It was difficult to capture them with my phone's camera, so I edited the colors afterwards. I think I got the colors close to what I see in person, although it's not perfect.

With this, I'm ready to give the starter set a try as soon as I get my vaccines and get a friend over.

Thanks for looking!

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