Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Destroyer Lord Done!

I took these pics a while ago but it took me a lot of time to get around to going through them.

Since I'm taking pics with my phone and outside, it's really difficult to see if my pics are in good focus all the time. Which is why I tend to take 50+ pics each time, and only keep 40% or less. This time I only took about 20!

Thanks for looking.


  1. He's gorgeous and smooth, but this time maybe lacking some ornate glyphs or symbols? He is an HQ. Maybe some bling, gold or something? Great glowing effects.

    1. You're right. I was thinking of different ways to do this, but I couldn't come up with anything that worked.

      Just freehanding glyphs is outside my army theme and would stand out in a bad way. Same goes for gold. I don't have any metallic colors or glossy surfaces in my Necron army whatsoever, which I'm proud of :) Stick it to the norms.

      I was looking into getting him a cape of some sort, but they wouldn't look right with any bits I have laying around. I'd have to sculpt my own, and I don't have the skill for that. I could 3D design something I guess, but I'm not in the mood for that. It would take a lot of work, and risky work too since I'd have to eyeball the curves on his back and beetle butt.

      I went along with this because he'd stand out as-is. I use the beige color to emphasize royalty, and other Destroyers have very little of it, while it's very visible on this guy. Add the weapon to that, and he stands out when surrounded with Destroyers. My Lychguard is more ornate, which is unfortunate, but oh well.

      Do you have something else on mind? It wouldn't be the first time I went back to a model to make it better. Hell, I stripped and reconverted a fully completed Scythe.

      And thanks for looking! Always good feedback from you, I appreciate it :)

    2. Fine as is by the way! No way is it criticism mate. My Necrons are very much table-top standard, but these are mega smooth and neat. Subtle awesomeness.

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    4. Criticism is always welcome, please! Don't apologize.

      Glyphs would be great, and I seriously considered them at the time. The thing is, they'd only fit the theme if they were white.

      Plus, I wouldn't use transfers anyway since I don't know if I could match the very matte finish of my miniatures. People usually blend transfers into their models but making the surrounding surface glossy. I have some matte varnish at hand, but had very bad luck applying it and I'm not putting my Destroyer Lord at risk.

      I was considering freehanding some glyphs, or grafting gravures I shave off other models onto this model... Nothing seemed to look good.

      This guy stands out as the least-standing-out HQ in my army. He deserves better. But I was really struggling to see what I can do about it, and after a few nights, gave up and tried to do best with what I have. I'm very interested in going back to the model if there's a way to do it justice.

  2. What about some of the black transfers of glyphs in the necron sheet? Not sure how you feel about transfers, but generally the lighter colour of the armour and the liberal use of Micro Sol will able them to go down smooth? A bit like these, but you'll do better!