Monday, October 16, 2017

Templar Regent Family Picture!

I took some time today to take pics of all Marines that I've painted over the last half year or so. I wasn't writing much during the process so pics are long overdue.

The chapter is a custom, Black Templar derivative called the Templar Regent. They're all truescaled, standing at about the same height as a Primaris marine.

You can see:

  • A drop pod
  • 3x5 Crusaders with bolters
  • 3x5 Crusaders with bolt pistols and chainswords
  • Chaplain with a bolt pistol and Crozius
  • Captain with a storm bolter and thunder hammer
  • Land Raider Crusader
  • 5 Terminators
  • Captain in Termie Armor with magnetized arms
  • Stormhawk
  • Two Razorbacks
  • Relic Leviathan Dreadnought

All crusaders have fully magnetized special and heavy weapon guys. Combi-weapons are magnetized too.

The Chaplain is Ortan Cassius, truescaled and with all Ultramarine insignia removed. Man, monopose kits are a pain to truescale. It doesn't look great but it's good enough. The head is a graft of a Necron Immortal face onto a bare Space Marine head w/ breathing mask over his cheeks.

Not much special to say about the drop pod and the tanks. They're pretty cool though, and fully magnetized. I'm looking forward to painting more.

The Stormhawk is fully magnetized and can be converted into a Stormtalon.

Termies are truescaled and magnetized too.

The Captain is your normal Space Marine Terminator Captain that comes with some GW kits, but truescaled and handswapped. His Thunderhammer head is 3D printed.

Thanks for looking, and enjoy!


  1. Loved watching the progress with these, great Chapter name and scheme. Love the Capt and Chaplain, especially his helmet. Thanks for posting a family pic, love photos like that.