Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wraiths: Then and Now

Ok, this batch of Wraiths is painted and done, but I'll be taking fancy pics some other day. Today I want to compare the 3 Wraiths I painted during the last week or two to the 3 Wraiths I painted a year and a half ago.

Painting these now and while looking at the old batch, I find the difference staggering. I just want to show you how far I got in the meantime with it comes to layering paints, blending, and precision. Also, if you watched any of my recent streams on twitch, you will have observed that I don't like painting Wraiths. I was trying to get them done and off my desk, not do a careful job.

For example, here are some of the magnetized bits. I'll let you guess which ones are old and which ones are new:

The first thing I notice is - how less textured my paint is now! The old paint job makes me cringe. The orange spheres actually have an orange peel texture to them! Ew.

It doesn't end there. Here are the wraiths themselves. Again, guess which one's which:

It's... gah. Unbelievable. And I'm using the same technique as before: a lot of drybrushing and only an occasional blend. Certainly the key steps are the same.

So what's different? I am using sable brushes as opposed to synthetic. That probably helps with keeping things precise. Second, I'm using a wet palette. That probably helps apply thinner layers of paint. Other than that? I'm definitely more controlled when it comes to drybrushing and cleaning up mistakes, and I probably make fewer mistakes now than I did before.

Anyway, I'd like to repaint those knife edge weapon bits to better fit with my current army scheme. The rest I'll leave as it is, as a memento of how far I progressed.

And maybe I'll paint another batch in 2018, look back at this one and cringe? Maybe, but probably not. I hope to finish this project by then, but hey, who knows.

Thanks for reading!

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