Saturday, October 15, 2016

Monolith Update

Just a quick update. I recently moved (again!) but long distance this time. My furniture took a week to arrive, and it took me a few days more to setup and find the time to paint.

But! I've made a lot of progress. Here's a couple of quick pics!


  1. Looks excellent, although the Monolith is one of my least-favourite Necron models you've made it look amazing!

  2. Thanks Siph & Taal!

    The Monolith is, I believe, one of the worst models currently on offer from GW. Both in design and implementation, as Monoliths are nothing but a collection of seam lines unless you spend a week filling up all gaps with putty and sanding...

    But yeah, I believe I improved upon it. The corners and sides are still way too plain. I wish GW would redesign the Monolith and improve the ruleset; they would be selling like hotcakes.