Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Forbidden Stars - Neutral Buildings and the Eldar!

Here's something different. I've been enjoying Forbidden Stars a lot recently, and those miniatures deserve the love. It also gives me a brief side project, I've been painting nothing but Necrons for a very long time.

Thanks for watching!


  1. I was hoping someone would have been painting up these mini's. Great job and thanks for sharin!

  2. Wow! I saw your Chaos army. How do you paint these? And the other 2 armies?

    1. I only painted those two armies. I'm going to start painting the others soon.


      Reds: a solid layer of Wazdakka red, a wash of Agrax Earthshade, Wazdakka again but only covering flat, elevated surfaces and avoiding inlays - leaving them darker. Finally, I think I mixed Wazdakka Red with Wild Rider Red to brighten some elevated areas. It might have been a mix of Wazdakka Red and Scar White instead.

      Bronze: a solid layer of Brass scorpion, a wash Agrax Earthshade, a thin layer of Hashut Copper over all elevated surfaces, and edge highlights in Gehenna's Gold on all edges that I expect to reflect light.

      Steel: Leadbelcher followed by Nuln Oil, then Runefang Steel on elevated areas.

      Rocks/bases: Eshin Grey, Nuln Oil, drybrushed Administratum Grey. Or maybe I drybrushed Ulthuan Grey, not sure. I think it's Administratum Grey.


      For blues I used Teclis Blue as base, Nuln Oil for outlining, and a slight blend or Teclis Blue and White Scar for highlights. For yellows I used Yriel Yellow, a Casandora Yellow wash (ends up looking very orange), and subsequently drybrushed Flash Gitz yellow and then highlighted with Dorn Yellow. I'm sure you would be fine with Flash Gitz and Casandora Yellow only, if you mix in some White Scar and Flash Gitz for highlights.