Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Experimenting with Lychguard

So I've been working on my Lychguard for a while, then went on a trip, but I am back now and hope to paint more regularly.

While the Lychguard itself are straightforward to paint, I'm having trouble deciding on how to paint the weapons and the shields. So I tried I bunch of stuff and thought I'd share. Still thinking about it.

Here's the overall theme (work in progress still)

And here are the shields and weapons. I painted just the front of each shield, and painted each side of a weapon differently to try things out. I think I like blue shields most, they look the heaviest and sturdiest, and think bright orange weapons go best with it. Still thinking about it.


  1. Hi, I've bought a Necron Army in the last few days and I was looking for some magnetization guide on internet when I found your blog. AWERSOME.
    I've a question for you (maybe it's writter in first post but now I doesn't have time...): bars of gauss rifles are green and you've painted them?

    1. Thanks!

      I did paint those bars, yes. In addition, many non-Warrior gauss weapons have a texture on those bars (look at Immortals, the Arks etc) and I replaced those textured bars with smooth ones, in order to achieve the same look. Take a look at this page, for example: