Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spyder Conversion and Magnetization

Canoptek Spyders are cool models that I have a bunch of problems with.

First off, I hate that they levitate. According to the codex, they have some sort of anti-grav device that makes them levitate, but this device is not visible on the model. The model looks like it is supposed to walk. And, according to the rules, it is a walking monstruous creature. What gives?

Second, they come with three optional upgrades, two of which are represented by small bits that are supposed to hang beneath the model. These bits are very small and fiddly, almost too fiddly to magnetize. And they hang lower than the Spyder's legs, preventing them from walking normally. And, finally, they are really small and hard to see on the table top. I don't think any non-Necron player would even take notice of them. As such, I wanted to make these options more obvious.

So there are three problems: magnetizing the options so that they're visible, converting the legs so that the model can stand firmly without a base, and making the flying stand magnetized so that you could use a stand if you really wanted to.

To make the model stand firmly without the flying stand, I needed to extend the rearmost pair of legs further back. I used some green stuff and guitar string to change the 'knee' angle of these legs:

And these alone were sufficient to make the model balance on ground.

I magnetized the optional weapon using a 3x1.5mm magnet in the Spyder's body, 5x2mm in the weapon, and 2x1mm in the little thing you can place in stead of the weapon. This makes a very strong contact between the weapon and the Spyder, strong enough to be able to lift the whole model (and, later, a flying base) by the weapon without anything falling off.

Next option: Fabricator Claws. They are normally represented by 6 small tool-like bits that are supposed to hang below the Spyder's "chest". They are difficult to see even on a flying base, yet alone on the ground. And they would be pretty much touching the ground anyway. My solution was to convert some of these tools into claw attachments, making them Fabricator Claws in a more literal sense. I used 2x1mm magnets for this.

And finally, there is the Gloom Prism. It is also supposed to be hanging from the Spyder's chest, taking up 2 of the 6 slots for Fabricator Claws. I could not find anywhere else to mount it, so the chest it was. I'll paint it extra bright so hopefully it will be visible. If not, well, that's fine. I don't think it's a very useful option to take anyway.

And that's it. The stand is magnetized as well, and you can see a 3x2mm magnet in the middle of the above pic. There's one more on the stand itself. That creates a very firm contact.

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  1. Like your ideas here.

    I too was considering making the spyder walking - so nice to see how you did it.
    Also like the solutions for the other parts.

    Nice paint scheme as well. Thanks for sharing.